work one

Print- It still works, and we can prove it.

The inevitabilily of a paperless society is generally accepted fact, and something that every business must plan for. That said, that time has not yet arrived and discounting sales today to get ready for the future is a sure way to not ever get to that future. Lots and lots of customers and potential customers still like that piece of paper in their hands or a large visual to prompt interest. H Group can handle printed visual projects, in virtually any sector. We produce brochures, postcards, catalogs, banners, large format graphics, newsletters and more, all smartly designed and produced in the most cost-effective manner. Make sure you grab sales today while you begin or continue to "go digital".

work two

Comprehensive Branding.

H-Group has a long resume of successful branding projets. We start with a great logo image and develop your identity from there. Our clients range from manufacturers to clubs and organizations. We specialize in refreshing or remaking older established identities, providing them an up to date look while keeping elements of their previous identities.



Ready to go digital or actively pursuing digital customers? We are ready to help you.

Whether it is a simple banner, complex multi page website, or an online capabilities video, we can help your business connect with your online customers. We will steer you to the most effective new media, clearing the fog of all the options and sales pitches you are getting from the hungreds of digital product sources. We can evaluate your business and your target customer, and place your digital advertising where it will do the most good.