Our sole focus is the simple, concise and effective promotion of your brand,
product or service.

H Group Continental is a full-service design, marketing and advertising firm located Stratford, CT. Our specialty is crafting and delivering your message in a direct and impactful way utilizing the best and most appropriate delivery tools available. Our experience spans a broad range of applications including consumer retail, industrial advertising, consumer products, and our talents and abilities are applicable to any sector or industry.

It is our belief that in today's breakneck-paced world, the most important path to success is a laser focused message. We use any and all media options, traditional, interactive and social as the delivery tool for that message. We'll use the tools that best assure your success, and guide you away from spending money on expensive media buys that won't do the job for you.



Need to advertise your product? HGC can develop your advertising program from concept through media buy. We can evaluate your present ad program and steer your resources to the most cost effective and sales effective media options, getting your product out to the buyers most likely to procure your product or service.


Rumors of the death of print are greatly exaggerated. It is still alive and an integral advertising and marketing tool when used correctly. We have 30 years experience in producing top notch, highly effective catalogs, direct mail pieces, publication advertising, trade show literature, and many other print applications. Our pre-press and printing expertise will deliver the best product at an outstanding price.


New media, including the internet, social media, and smart phones and tablets have opened up a world of opportunity to promote your product or service. H Group Continental can promote your brand and message using any or all of the new tools available.


At H Group we are great at developing your website with the latest and greatest coding guidelines. We can make your site responsive so it works across all platforms, agnostic of device. We use the latest in HTML 5, CSS3 and Javascript to get your site up and running to make it the best it can be.

Experienced Professionals Working Together for You

Tom Hamilton

CEO & Creative Director

Tom has brought his creative and common sense approach to a wide range of businesses for over thirty years. His experience as a corporate art director combined with now over twenty years of running an independent design business has provided him with the ability to relate to the needs of large and small businesses alike. If you are looking for solid no B.S. approach to branding and marketing your company or product, you will enjoy working with Tom.

The rest of the H Group is comprised of close associates, developed through years of doing business together, including specialists in digital media, media analytics, interactive design, traditional printing, studio and location photography, on air media and more.

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